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Fertility Acupuncture


Fertility & Inducing Labour

Pregnancy TreatmentsAcupuncture provides a safe, effective, & drug free treatment option during pregnancy

Initial consult + treatment: 90 minutes

Followup sessions: 45 minutes


Fertility Acupuncture


Researchers from Weill Cornell Medical Center in New York reviewed studies and concluded that acupuncture helps to:


IVF and Acupuncture

Acupuncture can be used to enhance the success of in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments. It is recommend to start regular acupuncture treatments at least 2 months prior to the beginning an IVF cycle and to continue for 1 to 2 times a week until the day of the transfer. Acupuncture IVF treatments can be continued if the IVF cycle is successful to prevent miscarriages and support a healthy pregnancy.


In many case you will have to go through the following phases :



Male Factor Infertility

Fertility acupuncture and herbal medicine for men can help in increase sperm count, motility, and morphology of the spermatic cells. Acupuncture also improves cases of weak erections, enlarged prostate gland, and male urinary tract infections that can affect male fertility. In these cases, acupuncture treatments should be carried out for a period of 6 months. Often taking specific herbal compositions may help speed up this process.


Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine During Pregnancy

Regular balancing treatments throughout your pregnancy can enhance your health as well as your baby's health, potentially preventing complications and positively influencing the development of your baby's health.


Many mothers-to-be find themselves facing many of the following symptoms as a result of the many demands being placed on their bodies:



Regular weekly or monthly treatments are recommended based on your unique symptoms and concerns.


Acupuncture for Inducing Labour

Pre-labour acupuncture can help prepare a woman both physically and mentally for the task of active labour.


 Acupuncture treatments can help to:



Acupuncture for Post Delivery

It is important to recover properly after childbirth.  Acupuncture can help you heal and regain your strength and vitality, re-balance your energy, boost your body's defenses and

and help address new health concerns.


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